How to build positive classroom environment?

01 Dec

Positive environment creates better learning. I have been associated with a high school in my city for 14 years. I joined this school as a chemistry help and gradually I have become the Head of the science department. Over the years I have seen the school grow leaps and bounds. There are a few factors that I believe have contributed highly in making this school one of the best in not only the state, but the country too. Among these factors, one of the most important is positive classroom environment.

What is positive classroom environment?

Positive classroom environment is the learner friendly atmosphere in the class. It is the task of the teachers and school administration to give the students a classroom environment that will help them in grasping the lessons faster and better. Every student in the class must feel welcomed, important, observed and appreciated. As a chemistry help while teaching I always strived to create a healthy learning environment in my class because that invariably made my students more attentive.

How to create a positive classroom environment?

Be it chemistry tuition class or an art and craft class, the atmosphere of the class will affect the learning process. As a teacher I would advise the following factors to be considered to create that environment in your class.

Making rules and following them

As a teacher it is my responsibility to maintain decorum in the class. This will help in the smooth operation of the class, teaching the students to be disciplined and creating the right atmosphere for learning. Yes, there must be freedom of expression for the students, but there must also be rules to guide their behavior.

Developing a positive peer relationship among the students

If the students are not happy in the class, if they do not have friends, if they do not enjoy coming to school, they will not learn. A sad and depressed mind is not very receptive. Therefore to make sure that the student enjoys his lessons and wants to stay in the class, not forced to stay in the class, I develop a friendly atmosphere. There are various activities that are introduced so that they feel like a group and enjoy each other’s company.

Developing a positive teacher student relationship

Finally, the most critical relationship is the student teacher relationship. Ever since I was the new chemistry help in this school till today I strive to maintain a healthy relationship with all the students. I am their friend, mentor, guide and teacher.

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How to become a successful science student?

06 Sep

All of you must have heard about the various qualities that are required to be a successful teacher. But there are certain qualities that a student must also possess to be successful. As a science teacher I believe that education is a two way process. Both the teacher and the student have equal roles to play to make it a success. A good teacher cannot succeed without a focused and dedicated student. I specialize in the branch of chemistry and have been imparting chemistry help and knowledge to high school students.

After a huge experience of working with numerous students I have identified certain qualities that make a great student. These qualities could be cultivated within a student and once they possess them there will be remarkable improvement in his results. Recently at a conference where a lot of popular o level in singapore participated I shared these qualities in the forum. After the presentation all my fellow colleagues appreciated and agreed with the facts that I had put forward.

Let me share some of those qualities with you;

Being attentive

This is the most important characteristic of a good learner. I would suggest that you make it a habit to be attentive in everything you do so that it comes naturally to you. Do not force to be attentive during the lessons. Be focused in everything that you do. Concentrate in your work, play, watching television, reading books etc. This will make you an attentive person and a great learner.

Study peacefully

Science requires a lot of focus and dedication. For studying choose a quiet room where you could concentrate and read out aloud. Some students are quiet readers while others prefer to read aloud. If you think that you are getting distracted read loudly for a while and then get back to learning quietly. Just make sure that you have the right environment for preparing a lesson.

If needed get assistance

As soon as you feel that you need some extra assistance to learn a particular subject, get it. There are many good teachers and private tutors who will be happy to help you. For subjects like physics, math, biology and chemistry help is often required.

Don’t miss school

Even if you have a great private tutor you must not miss school. The lessons that you get in school develops the foundation of your education. Make sure that you are very attentive in the class and absorb all the information that you get from the teachers. Be interactive in the class so that the teacher feels your presence.

Write while studying

Taking notes and writing down the formulas helps one to memorize better. If there is something that you are finding difficult to remember then make a note of it. Practice it regularly and see the difference in your grades.

Taking science, math or chemistry help, studying quietly, being attentive and attending school regularly are a few qualities that will help you to secure better grades in your exam. Along with all this enjoy being a student; believe it when a teacher says this to you; there is nothing better than being a student.

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What you need to be a Science Teacher?

01 Aug

As a student science was my favorite subject, and since I was a child I had a knack for teaching. Therefore I ended up being a science teacher. Before I go ahead and tell you what you need to be a science teacher, let me tell you that there is nothing better than working your passion. People who do what they love to do excel in what they do, if you have a love for teaching you must pursue a career in it. Offering the young students biology, physics or chemistry help is a great way to make a living.

A good science teacher must have

A good science teacher has to have a few essential qualities. If one has been getting great science scores all through his or her formal education, it doesn’t imply that they could be great teachers. In fact as a child I was not very good with the subject. I remember that when I was in 5th grade I had got a D in science. That’s not a score for an aspiring teacher! But that year we had a new science teacher joining our school. She was one the finest teachers that I have ever come across. And ever since then I have studied all her qualities and tried to imbibe them in me. Today I feel that I have been successful in doing so;

 Knowledge – thorough knowledge of the subject is essential. I cannot say that I know everything about chemistry since that’s the subject I teach. But I do know a lot. And what I don’t know yet I strive to learn that every day.
 Dedication – as a science teacher I am completely dedicated to my students. I observe each learner in my class and pay special attention to the ones who are weak in the subject.
 Renovation – I keep reinventing new fun methods of teaching the subject. Since I specialize to be chemistry help most of our classes take place in a laboratory. At times it could get a little boring for the young students. So it is essential to involve new teaching techniques.
 Evolution – science is constantly evolving. As a teacher it is my responsibility to keep learning and increasing my knowledge.
 Passion – a science teacher has to be passionate about his job. When the pupils successfully complete an experiment in the laboratory I see an excitement and awe in their eyes. No matter how many times I have seen the same exercise I still feel the same excitement as my students.

To become a good science teacher

As a child I saw my friends pick a new career every day. I suppose that is a part of growing up. One day they wanted to be a cop because they would get a gun and the other day they would want to be a pilot because they could fly an airplane. I always wanted to do something that required science, like doctor, scientist, physicist, botanist or teacher. And now that I am a teacher let me tell you what you need to do to become one.
 Get a degree – the primary requirement to become a science teacher is to get a Bachelor’s degree in science. Whether you plan to teach in a school, university or in a tutorial like tuition tutor singapore you will require a minimum degree.
 Pick a branch – like me if you are also planning to teach students in high school or college then pick a branch of science and specialize in it. You could be biology, space science, botany, physics, zoology or chemistry help
 Teachers education programs – there are many teachers education programs that will help you and guide you to become a successful teacher. For a prosperous career you could join one.

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